The Hoop

Play at the Hoop is now Monday through Friday from 9am-2 pm with 8 courts. Because we are a volunteer organization, please understand the courts will close once all the players leave.

The beginning of October we added Tues and Thurs, with 3 courts designated for beginners/inexperienced/social play. If you have been looking for a place to start this fun game, Tues and Thur may be the perfect fit. We have paddles to help beginners try it out. There will be at 4 courts available for open play.

Cost: $5 for drop-in play for non-members. Salem-Keizer Pickleball Club members get unlimited play at the Hoop, Gervais Middle School, and Highland Park for a monthly fee of $20. Our annual membership fee is $25, and membership runs from Sept through August.